The Process

Addiction-EMR process flow is defined by a treatment center.

You may find these steps familiar because the application was created by studying the current process at several treatment centers.

Patient Intake

Receiving the first call to preparing for the patient arrival all starts here with step by step guidance to ensure all proper procedures are followed and tracked. Reducing patient and staff discomfort.

Medical & Addiction Assessment

The medical and clinical staff is guided in the process to record and understand specific medical & addiction recovery needs of the patient. Every information from Bio-Psychosocial evaluation, medical, allergies to medications are recorded.

Personalized Care Plan

An individualized care plan can be developed based on the patient history and input from the previous process. The treatment plan is approved and continuously monitored as well as the utilization review staff ensures the process continues without interruptions.

Post Care Treatment & Evaluation

The road to recovery doesn't end after treatment. Our system lets you get feedback from the patient to gauge your process. Behavioral therapists can record follow-ups and compare effective post-treatment strategies after the patient has completed the treatment.